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This full cycle recruiting program is provided to manage our client's staffing function, from sourcing candidates to extending offers. By utilizing this service, your organization will streamline its recruiting process. This process includes initial meetings with the hiring managers to develop a recruitment plan. The execution of this plan will provide the end result of hiring the employees our clients need on a timely basis.

Despite a significant fall-off in web-based business, Spherehead's candidate pool continues to grow, helping employers overcome geographical restriction in sourcing client requirements

As our name suggests by selecting Spherehead as a HR partner, the recruiting company is guaranteed-

  • Customized and timely hiring solutions to meet your organizational requirements.
  • Flexible, accommodating teams that can internalize your demands, think like you and function 24/7 as an extension of your HR department.
  • An informed, no-nonsense, intelligent, team that prides itself on keeping abreast of technology developments.
  • A team that does not believe in short cuts and is passionately dedicated to meeting your exacting standards.
  • An articulate team with strong communication skills, which can aggressively market your organizations' strengths to prospective recruits.
  • A team with an uncompromising attitude towards business ethics.

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